Thursday 2 July 2020

Schema Therapy for Adolescents and Young Adults

 Dr. Christof Loose, Germany

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to use and adapt the schema therapy model, and its underlying theory, to work more effectively with adolescents and young people. Attendees will increase their awareness of typical adolescent cognitions, emotions and coping strategies. Furthermore, parental characteristics and developmental factors will also be identified. Specific “youth friendly” schema methods and skills, that fit within a child developmental framework, will be discussed. These include; working with drawings, using mode cards and masks as well as using youth focused chair work, and imagery. In addition, time will also be spent looking at how parents can be involved in schema change (via schema coaching for parents).  The workshop will provide many practical demonstrations and video material, as well as small role exercises allow the participants transferring the content into their own practice.

About the Presenter - Dr Christof Loose, Clinical Psychologist, Advanced Schema Therapist

Christof Loose 400.png

Dr. Christof Loose, International Society of Schema Therapy Certified Supervisor and Trained originated Child / Adolescent Schema Therapy with his colleagues, Peter Graaf and Dr. Gerhard Zarbock to help dysregulated children from infancy through adolescence and their caregivers and families. He is one of the originators of the Child / Adolescent (C/A) Schema Therapy Training and Certification Program and was the Chair of the Working Group in C/A Schema Therapy in the ISST (2012-2017). Dr. Loose is affiliated with Heinrich Heine University, Institute of Experimental Psychology, Department of Clinical Psychology and in private practice in Dusseldorf, Germany. He is the editor and author of C/A Schema Therapy books and the creator of Video-Learning (DVD) in Germany. Dr. Loose conducts workshops and seminars in Child/Adolescent schema therapy worldwide

Friday 3 July

Difficult Conversations- Empathic Confrontation and Working with Anger in Schema Therapy

Remco Van der Wijngaart (Netherlands) and Chris Hayes (Australia)

Schema therapy is designed for tough cases, as a result therapists need to be able to manage effectively tough behaviour and empathically negotiate difficult emotions. In addition, many therapists often find “in session” anger challenging and frequently flip into coping modes and styles that may be ultimately unhelpful for the client, the therapist and the treatment itself. This masterclass will look at how therapists can be more skilful in challenging the client, setting limits, managing in session behaviour. It will also look at the interplay between therapist own schemas and help clinicians develop ways to respond rather than react to triggering circumstances.

About the Presenters

Remco Van der Wijngaart, Psychotherapist (Netherlands)

Remco Van 400.png

Remco is a leading Schema Therapy Therapist and trainer, regularly giving workshops, training courses and supervision in Schema Therapy both in the Netherlands, as well as other European countries such as Switzerland, Poland and the UK. He produced and directed the DVD series “Schema Therapy, Working with Modes”, which are generally regarded as the central learning resource for training programmes in Schema Therapy worldwide. He has collaborated with a number of leading Dutch researchers in the field to develop training workshops and programmes in Schema Therapy. He has previously served as board Vice President of the International Society of Schema Therapy.

Chris Hayes 400.png

Chris Hayes, Clinical Psychologist (Australia)

Chris has had extensive experience in both government and private settings working with clients with complex psychological presentations. Chris completed advanced certification in schema therapy at the Schema Therapy Institute in New York City (USA), and was trained directly by Dr Jeffery Young. Since 2005, he has been practicing as an advanced Schema Therapist, supervisor and trainer. He has presented workshops in the Austria, UK, Ireland, Spain, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia. He is the Director of Schema Therapy Training Australia. He has previously served as board Secretary of the International Society of Schema Therapy.

Saturday 3rd July

Let’s get experiential! How to Improve Experiential Work in Schema Therapy

Elsa van den Broek, Drama Therapist (The Netherlands)


In this workshop attendees will get more schema experiential!. The goal is to improve the experiential skills in schema therapy. Participants will learn how to integrate role-play, chair dialogues, working with projective material, writing letters, working with symbols etc in their schema therapeutic practice.

Participants will also be focussing on rescripting and will be introduced to various creative ways to bypass the Detached Protector in the therapy room. Consultation on experiential work in schema therapy will also be a workshop focus.Get ready for an active day and various ways of experience driven learning, and of course for fun!

About the presenter

Elsa van den Broek is a drama therapist at Rooyse Wisse Forensic Hospital and lecturer at HAN University of Applied Sciences/ trainer at the RINO institute Amsterdam. She is a registered schema therapeutic worker and supervisor for other Arts therapists that are trained in Schema therapy in the Netherlands. She has over 20 years of (clinical) experience working in forensic psychiatry centers for the treatment of male forensic patients. She started integrating schema therapy in her work after extensive training by Professor David Bernstein and Hannie van Genderen. In her work she started research on Schema therapy and Dramatherapy that resulted in two publications in the Arts in Psychotherapy (Van den Broek et al, 2011/ Keulen de Vos et al, 2017). She specialise in working with multiple comorbid diagnoses, specifically personality disorder patients with substance abuse backgrounds.