“Imagery Rescripting for Childhood Trauma"

Presenter- Chris Hayes, Clinical Psychologist, Director Schema Therapy Training Australia 

Date/ Time- Thursday 4th April 2019 (9am- 5pm, 7 Hours CPD)- Sold Out

To be placed on a cancellation list please email- info@schematherapytraining.com

Venue- George Williams Hotel, 317-325 George Street, Brisbane

Price- $260 (including morning tea)

Please note that this workshop will focus on imagery rescripting as stand alone treatment, no experience in Schema Therapy Is required for this workshop. 

Are you looking for novel ways to increase your skills and capacity to increase corrective emotional experiences in clients? Have you delayed doing using emotional focused techniques such as imagery because of your own anxieties about your practice? 

Imagery re-scripting is a key aspect of schema therapy and a powerful experiential tool for change. Furthermore, research over the last 4 years has focused how imagery work can be utilized as a standalone treatment for childhood trauma (Arntz, 2013). This workshop will focus specifically on how therapists can become more skilled in developing strong corrective emotional experiences that result in significant emotional cognitive and behavioural change. 

This workshop will focus on the use of imagery rescripting with primarily adult clients to treat childhood related post-traumatic stress and associated problems. In addition, the workshop will discuss ways to enhance imagery rescripting skills within a schema therapy context. Topics covered include; providing a rationale, therapeutic underpinnings of imagery rescripting, the practice of imagery rescripting for childhood related trauma, ways to improve imagery rescripting in treatment, ways to bypass avoidance and “roadblocks” to effective change. The workshop will allow attendees to observe and practice skills.

- To assist attendees develop a rationale and therapeutic underpinning of imagery re-scripting

- To introduce imagery re-scripting skills for childhood related trauma

- provide ways to improve imagery rescripting skills

- Troubleshooting commonly experienced difficulties in imagery work

-Enhancing clinician’s skills in overcoming avoidance and blocks to change.

Please note that this workshop will focus on imagery rescripting as stand alone treatment, no experience in Schema Therapy Is required for this workshop. 

About the Presenter

Chris Hayes 

Clinical Psychologist BSc (Hons) MPsych (Clinical)


Chris has had extensive experience in both government and private settings working with clients with complex psychological presentations. Chris now shares his time working as a Clinical Psychologist, at both public and private settings. He is currently employed with the Health Department of Western Australia as a Senior Clinical Psychologist (within a specialist service working with those who have have experienced recent or childhood trauma). He is currently serving as Secretary of the Board for the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST). He is currently involved in a research trail investigating Imagery Rescripting as a stand alone treatment for Childhood Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.