Schema Therapy "Beyond The Basics" (3 days workshop (Intermediate/ Advanced). 

August 22/23/24 2018 

Presenters - Dr. Robert Brockman (Clinical Psychologist), Accredited Advanced Schema Therapist, Supervisor, and Trainer. 

VenueParnell Trust Jubilee Building, 545 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052

Catering Details - Morning/afternoon tea and lunch will be served.

Timing - Workshops will run from 9am to 5pm.  On-site registration from 8.30am on Day 1.

Cost - 3 Days AUD $749

For detailed handout regarding the workshop click here


Registration -Please click on the link below or if you wish to register and hold a place (whilst negotiating with employers etc.) please email Rob Brockman at

This workshop will assist those with some background in Schema Therapy in developing and fine-tuning their skills. The workshop will also specifically look at the implementation of treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) as well as Narcissistic and Cluster C personality disorders. Participants will have extensive opportunity to practice experiential exercises such as imagery and chair-work. In addition, time will be allocated to commonly experienced difficulties such as working with the detached protector and parent modes. This training is accredited by the International Society for Schema Therapy as three days advanced schema therapy training.

We aim to have 1 presenter for every 18 attendees, allowing participants to have optimum coaching, observation and adequate supervision of skills- places are limited. 

Presenter Bio

Robert has extensive experience teaching and supervising on clinical psychology masters programs in Sydney since 2010. His clinical experience is drawn from both public (e.g. Hospitals, community mental health) and private health sector positions (e.g. private practice) in Sydney. Robert is accredited by the International Society for Schema Therapy (ISST) as a schema therapist, supervisor, and trainer. Robert currently holds a research fellowship with Australian Catholic University (ACU) where he researches psychological approaches to well-being. He has a major clinical and research interest in formulation and intervention with complex presentations that prove difficult to treat via standard evidence-based protocols. He is currently engaged in clinical research focusing on extending the schema model into novel populations (e.g. GAD, Eating Disorders, HIV Sufferers, Problem Gamblers, Forensic Patients, and Psychosis).