Schema Therapy For Narcissistic Personalities- "The Noble Knight and the Diva in Distress"

Presenter- Dr Marjon Nardort (Netherlands) 

Date/ Time- 17 & 18 July 2017 , 9am- 5pm 

Venue- Perth 

Cost- $470

The narcissistic client often both appeals and appalls. He may look like a noble knight, a modern-day Sir Lancelot. To quote Wendy Behary (2008): ‘A Knightmare in Shining Armor”.  She may look like a diva on the cover of a magazine or a diva in distress like Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen. When they come to therapy, they need help. And how can we help them?


In this workshop attendees will gain skills in assisting such patients using schema mode approaches. Attendees will learn

  • methods to assess, formulate and communicate within a schema therapy framework.
  • ways to enhance schema therapy methods in using mode work and imagery rescripting. 
  • limit setting and methods to emphatically confront difficult behaviour

Overall, the goal of this workshop is to demonstrate and practice how to do this in a limited reparenting way, with a twinkle in our eyes and a radiant smile!

About the Presenter

Dr Marjon Nadort (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) is a Psychotherapist,  Certified Schema Therapist and Supervisor,  and a certified CBT practitioner and supervisor. She is internationally recognised as a leading schema therapy trainer. 

Marjon has written, edited and authored books, chapters and articles on Schema Therapy, including editing, and writing several chapters in, the Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Schema Therapy, Theory, Research, and Practice (2012). Her PhD focused on the implementation study of one of the largest ever trials of Schema Therapy for Borderline patients. She specializes in patients with personality disorders. She currently has a private practice in the centre of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.