Workshop Summary 2018

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All workshops conducted by Schema Therapy Training are completed by Schema Therapists with Advanced Accreditation via the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST). Currently, workshops are conducted by Chris Hayes,  Susan Simpson and Robert Brockton as well as well experienced accredited schema therapists to assist in observing skills.

Workshop 1- “Schema Therapy - The Model, Methods & Techniques" (Introductory/ Intermediate) 

This workshop will help attendees gain a thorough understanding of the Schema Therapy model and provide a extensive platform for learning new skills and techniques used in Schema Therapy.  The workshop will address both the schema and mode models. The training is skills based, with multiple opportunities to learn complex techniques for working with difficult-to-treat clinical populations.

If you have attended 1 or 2 day workshops in the past, this workshop will still provide you with a good platform for learning and practicing skills. The workshop has a large proportion of time set aside for role play and coaching of skills. 

We aim to have 1 presenter for every 18 attendees, allowing participants to have optimum coaching, observation and adequate supervision of skills.

 Workshop 2- Schema Therapy- Beyond the Basics (3 days) 

This workshop will assist those with some background in Schema Therapy in developing and fine-tuning skills. The workshop will also specifically look at the implementation of treatment for Borderline Personality disorder as well as Narcissism. Clients will have extensive opportunity to practice experiential exercises such as imagery & chair-work. In addition, time will be allocated to commonly experienced difficulties such as working with the detached protector/ parent modes  as well as managing challenging in session behaviour. 

 Please note, above costs are for stand-alone workshops only. If you wish to complete a certification program please see the certification page. The cost of certification includes coursework noted above, as well as combined supervision and rating of taped sessions.